Theory and History at Yale 2012-2013

In the History Department, History of Science, Political Science, Sociology, German, French and Slavic studies scholars at Yale pursue a variety of intersecting interests in questions of history and theory, intellectual history and the philosophy of history.

Faculty and graduate students are involved in a wide range of lecture courses, seminars, regular workshops and colloquia and occasional conferences. These revolve around five areas of interest:

  • philosophy of history
  • intellectual history
  • history and political theory
  • science studies
  • social and cultural theory

This website is intended to provide a helpful overview of regular colloquia, events, conferences and graduate seminar teaching plans. It includes both firm plans and an outlook of events and courses to look out for in 2013 and beyond.

If you have questions concering the website or would like to be included, please contact Adam.Tooze@Yale.Edu.