Graduate Students


Political Theory

Stefan Eich
, Ph.D. studentStefan's main fields of research are political theory and the history of political and economic thought. His interests range from Aristotle to the philosophy of history, and from contemporary political theory to the past and future of political economy.

Carmen Dege, Ph.D. student. Carmen studies political theory and comparative politics with a specific focus on religion and politics, time and value, and communicative ethics. She is particularly interested in the genealogy of the philosophy of the other, its beginnings in 18th century Europe, the ways in which it has gained significance in postwar French and German critical theory and the “ethical turns” it has provoked in contemporary political philosophy at large.

Political Science

Navid Hassanpour, Pd.D. student. Navid studies historical narratives at the time of their inception. In particular, he is interested in the journalistic accounts of political events, with a focus on the disconnect between post-hoc interpretation and event.

Peter J. Verošek, Ph.D. student. Peter focuses on how the past continues to affect politics in the present. Specifically he is examining the foundation and development of the European Union (EU) and how the memories of events from 1914-1945 provided political leaders with the cognitive, motivational and justificatory resources they needed to reshape postwar western Europe.